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Rooftop Solar

We specialise in rooftop solar projects above 50kW. Our team of highly skilled electricians and engineers have mastered the art of commercial solar.

finance options

We can design a finance option to help you start saving straight away. Solar doesn't have to be expensive, talk to our consultants to find out how.

Power Park

Power Park is an Australian made product built for Australian conditions. This is our own design that can be tailor built for any project.




The Auscal Solar Alliance
was created to share industry knowledge
across the pacific

As a founding member, Solar PV Commercial Australia has commenced operations in San Diego to work with the local system installers to provide our unique tailored solutions to the Californian market. With more than 10 years in the Australian solar market we bring a new vision to the Californian market creating a unique solution.

We have partnered with the strongest
names in American solar



Solar PV was founded in 2001 delivering high quality residential solar power systems to the Australian market when the solar industry was in its infancy. For the next 10 years, Solar PV developed innovative installation techniques that revolutionised the way residential solar power systems were installed which resulted in massive growth for the company.

In early 2011, Solar PV saw an opportunity to deliver the same high quality solar power systems on a commercial scale and decided to transition the focus to this market and move away from residential solar. This was a time when no other solar retailer was even contemplating making the switch to commercial solar. It was at this time that Solar PV Commercial was born.

Since 2011, Solar PV Commercial has become the leader in the commercial solar power sector delivering hundreds of commercial solar power systems to various industries including; Clubs, Retirement/Aged Care, Wineries, Car Dealerships, Medical Centres, Service Stations and the manufacturing sector.

As well as this, Solar PV Commercial have developed their own “Solar Car Port” solution which is the most substantial and cost effective product in this space. This product is now very well known in the industry and proposed by other large companies wanting to deploy this product in their projects.

Solar PV Commercial being innovators have always looked at other global solar markets for ideas and applications to bring back to the Australian market, which is what lead the management team to the USA. From having frequent meetings with suppliers and attending solar power conferences all around the USA, it made sense that Solar PV Commercial set up a business in the USA to bring their experience from the Australian commercial solar market across the Pacific. In late 2014, Solar PV California was set up to do just that and has been helping businesses in California reduce their electricity costs with the use of solar power.




Founded in 1947, Foshay Electric Co. has become one of the largest and most respected electrical contracting firms in southern California. Foshay employ highly trained professionals to complete all of their work which spans from electrical work in homes and commercial buildings to solar PV systems on commercial properties.

Foshay Electric Co. have delivered large numbers of commercial solar power systems ranging in size from 10kWp to 850kWp using high quality materials from some of the largest manufacturers of solar product in the world.


The  partnership

Upon entering the USA solar market, Solar PV California performed its due diligence in researching for a possible partner to work with for the installation side of the projects. Solar PV California bring vast experience from the very strict Australian market, relationships with large manufacturers, attractive finance options and innovative installation techniques that make solar even more cost effective than it already is.

Solar PV California decided to partner with Foshay Electric on the installation side as an EPC for their experience in the Southern Californian market and have armed Foshay with all of the tools learnt in the Australian market to create an even better proposal and result for all of their customers.

Solar PV California plan to continue to work with Foshay Electric Co to establish themselves as the go-to commercial solar specialists in the southern Californian region.